Periodontal Scaling

Getting regular dental care is important to your health. Your teeth can affect the rest of your body if they aren't kept in good shape. Maintaining good dental hygiene also means making sure your gums are healthy. Gum disease can become severe if you treat it as soon as you experience the warning signs. One option for managing gum disease and protecting the overall health of your teeth and gums is periodontal scaling.

What Is Periodontal Scaling?

When you go to the dental clinic for a routine cleaning and checkup, your dentist will look at your gums. If you have tartar build up along your gum lines, this will be taken care of, but in some cases, it becomes an issue and leads to dental pockets where your teeth and gums are separated. If this happens, you need periodontal scaling. This is a process where your dentist uses special tools to smooth the exposed root surfaces and remove build up.

What To Expect During the Scaling Process

The process is completed in your dental office. You may get some local anesthetic to help with pain because the process can be uncomfortable. The teeth with the pockets are scraped and flushed to clean out any build up and smooth the area so the gums can regrow and properly adhere to the teeth. To clean the area, your dentist may scrap with metal tools or use an ultrasonic instrument. You may feel the scraping or vibrations as the tartar is chipped away and the area is smoothed. This procedure goes beneath the gum line and near the root. You may experience slight pain or swelling even after the process is complete.

Reasons to Consider Periodontal Scaling

You can sometimes physically see damage to your gums. You may notice your gums receding or even notice the pockets forming. In any case, if your dentist mentions issues with gum disease, then you likely will need scaling. It is important to get the procedure as soon as possible because you can reverse the damage to your gums. If you wait, the gum disease could progress. When it is serious, you are looking at issues that might include:

• Surgery
• Bone loss
• Tooth loss

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