Dentures are removable prosthetic devices which replace missing teeth. They can be partial or complete, depending on how many teeth need replacement. The right materials and proper fit are essential to ensuring you can use your dentures comfortably. For this reason, it is important to select a dental clinic with a high level of expertise in all steps of the process.

Benefits of Getting the Right Dentures

High-quality dentures can go a long way towards improving your quality of life. They make it possible for you to chew as if you still had all your own teeth, so you can continue eating the food you enjoy. Additionally, complete or partial dentures help your mouth retain its proper structure. An experienced dentist can help you look and feel your best by taking all necessary steps to ensure a good fit.

Options to Consider

If your dental needs include replacing some or all of your teeth, it is important to know your options. Full, or complete, dentures are a set of artificial teeth designed to help people who are missing teeth or need extractions from their top or bottom gums. Your dentist will fit them to your gum line, and you can easily take them out. They adhere to the gums with an oral adhesive or by suction.

Partial dentures work better for someone who still has some of their own teeth. They require a custom fitting to ensure they comfortably fill the gap between the natural teeth. These dentures attach to the surrounding teeth and are also easy to remove.

It is possible to obtain dentures that attach to implants. There may be a variety of reasons why it is better to use this strategy rather than obtaining implants for all the missing teeth. Questions of expense and comfort play a major role for many people.
How the Process Works

You can expect to make several appointments with your dentist to ensure a high-quality result. After consultation, the first step is to take a series of impressions and measurements of your jaws. Next, the dental lab will produce a model based on the impressions so that you can try it on a few times. During this try-on period, the dentist will make adjustments to color and fit. After this process, the final product will be made. Your dentist may need to make further adjustments to fit in the future.

Denture Specialist in Peoria

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