Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Dr. Johnny Smith has continued his dental education with the most respected Professors in the nation as well as using the very latest in dental technology to deliver you the most beautiful smile possible. We have videos on most of the procedures so you can get a detailed understanding of how the individual procedure is performed. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff. They are always happy to answer any and all questions you any have. Johnny L Smith, DMD offers the following Cosmetic Dentistry services:

Dental bridge

A dental bridge is a common, affordable, time-tested, and low-risk treatment for missing teeth. The dental bridge is so called because it literally bridges the gap created when teeth are lost. The typical bridge comprises one or more artificial teeth, known as pontics, which are held in place by two dental crowns, or abutments. Though the replacement teeth used in bridges can be made from a variety of materials they are commonly made from porcelain for aesthetic considerations.


Dental implants

Dental implants are an extraordinary blend of science and art. Made of titanium, dental implants are securely anchored into the jaw and serve as roots for dental crowns. In many cases, dental implants – and mini dental implants, the smaller version — are considered the best option for replacing missing teeth. They are also used to replace dental bridges or partial dentures, or to provide support for dentures. Dental implants offer several advantages over other tooth replacement options. They look, feel and function just like real teeth! With dental implants, surrounding teeth are left untouched. Finally, dental implants are exceptionally reliable. Year after year, dental implants have had high success rates and typically last 15-20 years.



What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is anything but a one-size-fits-all solution. It is tailored specifically for you. When you decide to straighten your teeth with Invisalign, your dentist will determine how your teeth need to shift. Then he’ll give you aligner trays designed for your teeth, and yours alone. Every two weeks, you’ll trade in your old pair for a new set. You can remove them at any time.

Compare the invisibility of Invisalign to the unsightliness of traditional braces. Brackets and wires are impossible to hide. Do they effectively treat crowding, spacing, crossbite, overbite, and underbite? Yes. But nobody wants to have a mouth filled with metal. And adjustments can be painful.

Invisalign corrects the same cases at the same price, with the bonus of discretion. It’s painless and gradual.

Invisalign is Comfortable.

Unlike braces, there are no metal brackets to attach to your teeth and and no wires to tighten. You just place the transparent aligner trays over your teeth. You achieve the same great smile with minimal interference in your daily life.

The aligner trays are smooth and comfortable. You don’t need to worry about the mouth or gum irritation that comes with traditional braces. You don’t have to make any drastic changes in your dental hygiene routines. You can floss and brush your teeth as you normally would. When you wear braces, these daily tasks can take up to 30 minutes.

What to Expect

If you treat your teeth with Invisalign, you can eat whatever you want. If you get braces, many foods can break your braces or raise the risk of cavities. As a result, you face a number of dietary restrictions. You can’t drink soda, sports drinks, or lemonade. You can’t eat sticky foods because they may stick to your teeth and break your braces. You should avoid refined sugar.



Porcelain Dental Crowns

All-porcelain dental crowns add beauty to your smile. Dental crowns, also known as caps, slide over the teeth to hide misshaped, misaligned, discolored, or other tooth imperfections. Dental crowns cover and protect cracked teeth, increase comfort, and offer extra support to teeth that are weak or damaged.

If you have old crowns with black lines by the gums, you can trust one of our cosmetic dentists to craft all-porcelain dental crowns that will vastly improve the overall appearance of your smile.

To find out more about how all-porcelain crowns can improve your smile, please contact our office today!

While general dentistry takes care of the health of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry takes care of their appearance. Cosmetic dentistry procedures primarily focus on the size, shape, position, and color of your teeth making your smile aesthetically pleasing and something you can be proud of. At Johnny Smith DMD, we offer cosmetic dentistry services using the latest techniques in the field, making sure you feel comfortable and satisfied with the results.

What Are the Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry?

One of our favorite quotes is "beautiful teeth are healthy teeth," and we take pride in the quality of our work. All of our cosmetic dentistry procedures are safe, and while the main goal is to achieve aesthetically pleasing teeth, our primary focus is your oral health. Our practices and procedures not only ensure a beautiful smile but a long lasting one as well. Correcting teeth imperfections also fall under cosmetic dentistry services, where we work to guarantee that your teeth are similar in size, shape, color, and utilization.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer cosmetic dentistry services that correct everything from small imperfections to large-scale problems, such as:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is a routine procedure that removes residue from your teeth and restores their natural color. You can choose to go even brighter if you don't prefer the original color and want your smile to shine.

Dental Crowns

Originally designed to protect decaying teeth, dental crowns became one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. A dental crown can be molded to match the exact look you prefer and protect the original tooth or the implant from decaying.

Dental Bridges

Missing two or more teeth is easily fixable with a dental bridge that quite literally bridges the gap and anchors artificial teeth to the existing ones. Bridges not only serve an aesthetic purpose but also distribute the chewing force more evenly.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are surgically implanted into the bone of your jaw or skull, depending on the position. They serve as an orthodontic anchor for crowns and bridges.

The Results

Cosmetic dentistry procedures result in natural-looking and healthy teeth. As one of the most experienced cosmetic dentistry offices in Peoria, AZ, we can transform your smile into something you can be proud of. Contact us to achieve the smile you deserve.